How do visitors bureaus make money?

How is a CVB funded? A majority of CVBs are not-for- profit organizations primarily funded by their local governments, usually through a portion of hotel occupancy taxes. Their mission is to promote the long-term development and marketing of a destination, focusing on convention sales, tourism marketing and service.

What is the purpose of a convention and visitors bureau?

A CVB is a Convention and Visitors Bureau or tourism bureau. These organizations are usually nonprofit and provide education and resources to local communities and travelers with the aim of promoting travel to a location, events and conventions in the area, and other hospitality business.

What does CVB mean?

A convention and visitor bureau ( CVB ) is a local tourism marketing organization that specializes in developing convention, meeting and group business as well as leisure travel to a city, county or region.

What is the role of a CVB when promoting a destination?

The CVB is essentially responsible for promoting a destination with the intent of increasing travel to the area, both business and leisure. Ideally, the CVB will bring group business, meetings, conventions and tradeshows to the destination.

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What are three primary responsibilities of the Convention and Visitors Bureau?

A convention and visitors bureau ( CVB ) is a non-profit organization that provides information, resources, and support for the hospitality and tourism industry. They can also provide information about the area and help identify properties that can be helpful when planning an event.

What are the duties of CVBs?

As an unbiased resource, CVBs can serve as a broker or an official point of contact for convention /meeting/event planners, tour operators and visitors. They assist planners with preparation and encourage business travelers and visitors alike to visit local historic, cultural and recreational attractions.

What is DMO stand for?


Acronym Definition
DMO District Medical Officer
DMO Database Marketing Operations
DMO Detainee Movement Operation (US DoD)
DMO Deutscher Mieterbund eV


What CVP stands for?

Cost-volume-profit ( CVP ) analysis is a method of cost accounting that looks at the impact that varying levels of costs and volume have on operating profit.

What does mice stand for?

Put simply, MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions.

Is CVB same as DMO?

Essentially, the terms CVB and DMO are interchangeable. Referred to as CVBs for many decades, destination marketing organizations began identifying themselves as DMOs in an effort to convey a less bureaucratic connotation to the traveling public.

What is a DMC in tourism?

According to Wikipedia, a DMC (Destination Management Company) is a term for a professional services company possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

What are the advantages of working with a Convention and Visitors Bureau to secure business?

A relationship with a CVB could allow you to potentially explore sharing items with another conference. You can also get an extra set of hands for activities such as marketing, staffing the event, and more. All you have to do is ask, and CVBs can help to stretch your event budgets.

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