Why is Easter the most important holiday in Greece?

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Greek Orthodox calendar, a bigger to-do than Christmas. Known for practicing religious fervor through Orthodox Christianity, Greece observes Easter as its main religious festival, according to the ancient Greek religious calendar.

What does Greece do for Easter?

Greek Easter Sunday means eating Greek lamb, goat, kokoretsi, wine, tsoureki bread and cracking red eggs, while visiting family, friends, dancing etc. but also enjoying the beautiful nature and wildflowers everywhere. In case you are a vegetarian, do not worry!

Why do Greek Orthodox have a different Easter?

The reason for the different dates for Orthodox Churches is that they calculate Easter according to the Julian calendar, whereas the western churches use the Gregorian calendar.

Why is Greek Easter different every year?

Why is Greek Orthodox Easter on a different date? Eastern Christianity recognises a different date for Easter because they follow the Julian calendar, as opposed to the Gregorian calendar which is widely used by most countries today.

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What do you bring to a Greek Easter?

Whole spring lamb on a spit, spinach and feta pies, Kalamata olives, feta with olive oil and oregano, oven-browned potatoes, rice, pastichio, fresh baked bread, sausages, peas and artichokes, real Greek yogurt with walnuts and honey. There might even be ham, but it’ll be a side dish.

What is the most important holiday in Greece?

The most important holidays in Greece are Easter, Apokreas (Carnival Season), August 15th (Saint’s day of the Virgin Mary), March 25th (Independence Day), October 28th (Ochi Day) and Agios Pnevmatos which is a moveable feast 40 days after Easter and is a 3 day weekend when many people leave Athens for the islands and

What should you not wear on Easter?

Men are advised not to wear shorts or open shirts to Easter Sunday services. Instead, they can go for an official look. Suits with ties are the most appropriate, when deciding what to wear this Easter. Jeans and denim should also be avoided.

What do Greeks do during Holy Week?

Holy Week is essentially a revival of Jesus´ last days when the Orthodox Church relives the last week of the life of Jesus. On Thursday Greek Easter bread called tsoureki is baked and the traditional red Easter eggs are dyed. On Good Friday you´ll hear the church bells ring all day for the funeral of Christ.

What is the difference between Greek Easter and regular Easter?

Whereas American Easter is often celebrated with candy, pastels, and bunnies, Greek Easter traditions include lamb (the meat, not the cartoon-shaped chocolates), braided butter cookies called koulourakia, and only the color red.

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What is Greek Orthodox Easter called?

Great and Holy Pascha ( Easter ) is celebrated by Eastern Orthodox Chrisitans (officially known as the Orthodox Catholic Church and commonly referred to as Greek Orthodox ), and this year it falls on April 28.

Why is Orthodox Easter different to Catholic?

The Catholic church uses the Gregorian calendar to determine their holidays, while the Orthodox Christians still use the Julian calendar—which means they celebrate the same holidays on different days. Red-dyed eggs sit on top of a loaf of Kulich, a traditional Orthodox Easter bread.

Why are there 2 different Easters?

Did you know that there are two different dates for the Easter holiday? There is one for the Catholic Church and one for the Orthodox Church. On rare occasions the two dates fall on the same day. The reasoning behind the different dates comes down to the church and the modern day calendar.

How long does Greek Easter last?

In most years its date differs from the date of Easter in Western Christianity (catholic and protestant Easter ), and is usually one week, but occasionally four or five weeks, later. However, in some years Orthodox Easter coincides with Western Easter and both observances fall on the same date.

What religion celebrates Orthodox Easter?

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter Day, also called Pascha, as well as the Sunday of the Resurrection, according to the Easter date in the old Julian calendar, which is differnet from the Easter dates in the Gregorian calendar. Easter is the most important event in the church calendar.

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