How do I email the Department of State?

For more information, email us at [email protected]

How do I contact the Ministry of Tourism?


Name Ministry Designation Office Phone
Mr. Arvind Singh, IAS Secretary 011-23711792,011-23321395
Mr. Shri Sanjay Pandey Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor 011-23388346
Ms. Rupinder Brar Addl. D.G 011-23718663
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Verma, IAS (PB: 1993) Joint Secretary 91-11-23715084

How can I register with Ministry of Tourism in India?

Step 1- Registration: Register your organization online on E – Travel Trade Approval website by providing the general details about your organization and provide a User ID and Password. While registering you need to enter the code sent on your mobile no. or the email id provided by you.

What is the State Department website?


How do I contact the US Secretary of State?

Phone Number

  1. Main Number: (877) 322-5227.
  2. TTY/TDD: (916) 651-1304.
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How do I contact the US government?

Call USAGov at 1-844- USA -GOV1 (1-844-872-4681) to ask us any question about the U.S. government for free. We’ll get you the answer or tell you where to find it. We are open between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.

Who is the head of MOT Ministry of Tourism?

It facilitates the Indian department of tourism The head of the ministry is Minister of Tourism, a Minister of State (Independent Charge), held by Prahlad Singh Patel Since September 2017.

How do you get approval from the Ministry of Tourism?

There should be a minimum of four qualified staff out of which at least one should have Diploma / Degree in Tourism & Travel Management from a recognized University, IITTM or an institution approved by AICTE. The owner of the firm would be included as one of the qualified employees.

Who is the Director General of Ministry of Tourism?

Senior Officers in the Ministry

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Arvind Singh, IAS Secretary
2 Mr. Chetan Prakash Jain Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser
3 Ms. Rupinder Brar Addl. D.G
4 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Verma, IAS (PB: 1993) Joint Secretary

How do I apply for the Department of Tourism accreditation?

How to Apply for DOT accreditation

  1. Accomplished application form which need not be notarized;
  2. Accomplished self-assessment form;
  3. Valid mayor’s or business permit; and.
  4. Sworn statement of the undertaking.

Who is our tribal minister?

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

Hon’ble Minister Hon’ble Minister of State
Shri Arjun Munda Smt. Renuka Singh
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Which is the Golden Triangle of India?

India’s Golden Triangle is the route between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It’s named for the almost-equilateral triangle that the three cities make when plotted on a map.

Who is the head of the State Department?

United States Secretary of State
Flag of the Secretary of State
Incumbent Antony Blinken since January 26, 2021
United States Department of State
Style Mr. Secretary (informal) The Honorable (formal) His Excellency (diplomatic)


How big is the State Department?

United States Department of State

Agency overview
Employees 13,000 Foreign Service employees 11,000 Civil Service employees 45,000 local employees
Annual budget $52.505 billion (FY 2020)
Agency executives Antony Blinken, Secretary Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary Brian P. McKeon, Deputy Secretary for Management and Resources

Why is it called the State Department?

On September 15, 1789, Congress passed β€œAn Act to provide for the safe keeping of the Acts, Records, and Seal of the United States, and for other purposes.” This law changed the name of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Department of State because certain domestic duties were assigned to the agency.

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