What things or organisms have a major impact on the El Yunque National Forest?

In El Yunque, you will see mongooses, rats and the stray dogs and cats. They are actively managed to deal with these pests as they do negatively impact local species.

Why is El Yunque important to PR?

Like many National Forests, El Yunque is a critical source of water, providing nearly 20 percent of Puerto Rico’s fresh water. It was established as the Luquillo Forest Reserve in 1903 and became the Caribbean National Forest in 1906. Eventually, the name was changed to its present-day moniker.

Is El Yunque dangerous?

In order to safely travel through El Yunque, it’s crucial to stay on the official trails and not stray into the rainforest haphazardly. The rainforest is a safe space as long as hikers are on the trails, as evidenced by the visitors that have been injured, gone missing, or perished after wandering.

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What is El Yunque known for?

El Yunque National Forest is known for having the highest quality waters in Puerto Rico, and lovely water vistas. Because it is a mountainous rain forest, there are plenty of streams, creeks, and rivers crossing the Forest.

What kind of animals live in El Yunque?

The real wealth of wildlife is the many reptiles and amphibians. The trees are abundant with coquí, you may also see worm lizards, Puerto Rican boa (although all snakes in El Yunque are very timid and rarely seen), galliwasps, skinks, and so much more.

Are there bathrooms in El Yunque?

There are clean bathroom facilities here. However currently most things are closed due to hurricane Maria damage (such as the picnic pavilions, La Mina fall trail, Bano De Oro trail (km 12.2), and this part of El Yunque Trail and Caimatillo trails (km 11.8).

Is El Yunque a natural reserve?

It was established as the Luquillo Forest Reserve on 17 January 1903 by the General Land Office with 65,950 acres (266.9 km2), and became a National Forest in 1906. It was renamed Caribbean National Forest on 4 June 1935. It is home to over 200 species of trees and plants, 16 of which are endemic to the forest.

Can you go to El Yunque without a tour?

No trip to Puerto Rico is complete without a trip to El Yunque National Rainforest and let me start by saying first and foremost you DO NOT need a guided tour to enjoy El Yunque. Tours cost about $50-$100 per person including a guide and transportation from most popular hotels on the island.

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How many waterfalls are in El Yunque?

Nowhere are the waterfalls in Puerto Rico more beautiful than the ones you’ll see in the National Forest. El Yunque has three waterfalls and they’re all fairly accessible as you travel on the main road, PR 191.

Can you swim in El Yunque?

Swimming in El Yunque The U. S. Forest Service recommends two swimming holes in El Yunque. La Coca Falls drops 85 feet, spilling over a huge rock formation into a pool that is perfect for wading and swimming. The water temperature in El Yunque’s swimming holes is between 60 and 65 degrees F.

What is the most dangerous animal in Puerto Rico?

The most dangerous you will find is the brown recluse, which is uncommon, but deadly. Other spiders include the very large banana spider, cave spiders, orb weavers and even tarantulas.

Can you drive through El Yunque?

You can go through the park without going to the visitor’s center. There are several waterfalls alongside the road with nearby parking. There are many trails, some marked and some not, which I highly recommend.

Is El Yunque one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

El Yunque is currently one of the 28 finalists in the competition to become one of the seven most impressive and unique natural attractions in the world. After the results are announced on November 11th, the voting process will be verified and audited once again.

Is El Yunque the only rainforest in the US?

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service, and one of Puerto Rico’s most beloved natural gems.

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What are the waterfalls in El Yunque called?

Hidden in Puerto Rico’s lush El Yunque rainforest, the Juan Diego Waterfall requires some effort – and sturdy shoes – to climb to.

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