What is special about a Disney cruise?

Special Offerings Celebrate seasonal events—Halloween and the Winter Holidays—during Disney Holiday Cruises, and delight in unique Character sightings, entertainment and dining during Special Days at Sea—including Marvel Day at Sea and Star Wars Day at Sea.

Why should you go on a Disney cruise?

While sailing is enjoyable, it’s just as fun to explore the cruise line’s Caribbean ports, with each offering something different. If you ‘re adventurous, you can explore the ports on your own. At other ports, though, we chose to purchase Disney’s shore excursions.

What do I need to know about Disney Cruise?

Disney Cruise Tips You Should Know Before You Go (Video)

  • Characters have their own cruise wardrobe.
  • There’s a one-night-only pin trading bonanza.
  • Disney Cruise Line’s best bar isn’t located where you’d think.
  • Check your luggage at the airport and it can magically appear in your stateroom.
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What are the best things to do on a Disney cruise?

Seven Must -Dos on Your First Disney Cruise

  • Sail Away Party.
  • Special Deck Party.
  • Nighttime Theater Shows.
  • All Main Dining Room Meal Rotations.
  • Port Adventures with Disney.
  • Kids’ Clubs.
  • Spending Time with Your Navigator (or the App)
  • 7 thoughts on “Seven Must -Dos on Your First Disney Cruise ”

Is a Disney cruise really worth it?

Whether or not a Disney cruise is worth it largely depends on your family and budget. Disney packs its ships with lots to do and see, so ensure it is of interest to whomever is cruising. If you require flexible dining or want a casino, a Disney cruise won’t be worth your money.

What can you not do on a Disney cruise?

10 Things Not to Do on a Disney Cruise

  • Carry your own luggage onboard. We’ll do it for you!
  • Live out of your suitcase. Our staterooms are designed with families in mind and offer lots of storage space, including a place to tuck away your suitcases.
  • Clean your stateroom.

What is the best room on a Disney cruise ship?

The Best Staterooms in Each of the 10 Categories on a Disney Cruise

  • Large Porthole with Seating in Category 8 – Disney Fantasy.
  • Category 9 – Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom – Disney Magic.
  • Category 10 – Deluxe Inside Stateroom – Disney Dream.
  • Living Room Roy Disney Suite – Category R – Disney Fantasy.

What’s the best Disney cruise?

  • #1. Disney Magic. Disney Cruise Line. #1 in Best Disney Cruises (tie)
  • #1. Disney Fantasy. Disney Cruise Line. #1 in Best Disney Cruises (tie)
  • #3. Disney Wonder. Disney Cruise Line. #3 in Best Disney Cruises (tie)
  • #3. Disney Dream. Disney Cruise Line. #3 in Best Disney Cruises (tie)
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How much do you tip on a Disney cruise?

The total amount you will tip is determined by the number of nights of your cruise and the number of people in your sailing party. The recommended amounts per night are $1 for Head Server, $4.50 for Server, $3.50 for Assistant Server, and $4.50 for Stateroom Host/Hostess per person in your party.

How early can you board a Disney cruise?

On the day our cruise begins, when will we be able to board the ship? For most sailings, the cruise terminal opens 11:00 AM. However, the exact time you ‘ll board the ship depends on several factors. During your designated Port Arrival Time, team members will complete your check-in and get you set for a carefree cruise.

What do you do on a Disney cruise?

10 Things You Definitely Want to Do on a Disney Cruise

  • Go to the Spa. Sensory showers on the Disney Fantasy | Photo by Meagan Wristen.
  • Watch a Live Show. A new show every night during a Disney Cruise | Photo by Meagan Wristen.
  • Run a 5K.
  • Dress Like a Pirate.
  • Join a Fish Extender Exchange.
  • Let the Kids Participate.
  • Visit the Bathrooms.

Can I bring bottled water on a Disney cruise?

Disney Cruise Line does allow for guests to bring their own beverages onboard, including bottled water and alcohol (when following Disney Cruise Line’s alcohol policy). We have also ordered packages of bottled water from Onboard Gifts and Amenities.

What is the cheapest month to take a Disney cruise?

Generally speaking, the least expensive time to take a Disney cruise is in mid- to late January, early February or early May. Some weeks in March and April also have lower-than-average prices. Later in the year, September and early November and early December are good options.

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Is all food free on Disney Cruise?

Dining Rooms: All of your meals are included in the cost of your cruise, and what’s so great about a Disney Cruise is you get rotational dining, which means you get to eat in all the restaurants on board, rotating every night.

What can adults do on a Disney cruise?

Each Disney Cruise ship offers a number of areas reserved exclusively for adults. Guests 18 and over can enjoy: Stylish, sophisticated nightclubs and lounges featuring cocktails, entertainment and dancing. The Quiet Cove Pool, a tranquil oasis where you can swim, enjoy whirlpool spas or soak in the sun.

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