How much of Florida’s income is tourism?

Florida tourism generated more than $26 billion in tax receipts during 2018, a gain of 6.7% versus 2017 collections. Nearly 24% of these collections, or $6.3 billion, were paid to the state and 22%, or $5.9 billion, were paid to local taxing authorities.

How much money does tourism generate for Florida each year?

According to a report from Rockport Analytics, Florida tourism activity generated $13.3 billion in federal tax revenue and $11.4 billion in state and local tax revenue in 2017.

How many people visit Clearwater Beach per year?

Total visitors to the area for May of this year reached 378,300 people, up 4.2% from 2010, while the year -to-date statistics show similar growth, up 2.4% to 2,373,400 people.

How many tourists visit Pinellas?

Tourism is the Economic Life-Blood in Pinellas County Pete/Clearwater was the leading destination on the Gulf Coast in the U.S., drawing more than 6.5 million overnight visitors to the area. There is great value in visitors telling their friends and family about St.

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What is Florida’s main source of income?

Florida has one of the biggest economies in the United States. Two of its most famous industries include tourism and agriculture, which contribute to the state’s $1 trillion GDP.

What are the top 5 industries in Florida?

Florida’s Economy: The 6 Industries Driving GDP Growth

  • Tourism. A record 126.1 million tourists visited Florida in 2018, a 6.2% percent increase over the 118.8 million visitors in 2017.
  • Agriculture.
  • International Trade.
  • Aerospace and Aviation.
  • Life Sciences.
  • Financial Services.

How does Florida’s tourism industry affect its job market?

As the third largest state in the nation, how does tourism impact Florida’s long-term future? When visitors come to Florida, they help create jobs and pay $6 billion in state taxes and $5.3 billion in local taxes. Sales and other taxes paid by visitors help keep Floridians from having to pay an income tax.

How big is the tourism industry in Florida?

The state attracted a record 131.42 million tourists in 2019, the culmination of year-to-year growth since 2009 when Florida had 80.879 million visitors. The hospitality and leisure industries handled 82.315 million visitors in 2010 and 87.307 million in 2011.

Why is Florida such a great place for tourists to visit?

Beaches, Beaches, Beaches! – By far, the number one reason for scheduling a Florida vacation is to sit on The Sunshine State’s incredible beaches and enjoy the soft sand, warm water, and beautiful sunsets you’ll find there. Wherever you go, you’ll find a Florida beach where you can sun, swim, and enjoy the view.

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Is Clearwater Florida growing?

With a 2020 population of 118,190, it is the 17th largest city in Florida and the 247th largest city in the United States. Clearwater is currently growing at a rate of 0.53% annually and its population has increased by 9.76% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 107,685 in 2010.

How many tourists visit St Petersburg every year?

St. Petersburg and its surrounding beaches are the most visited destination on the U.S. Gulf Coast, drawing more than 15 million annual visitors.

How many tourists visit Tampa per year?

A record 126.1 million people visited Florida last year, according to Visit Florida. More than 30 million people of them visited Tampa Bay, according to data from local tourism groups Visit St.

What is there to do in Pinellas County today?

Below are 15 things to do in and around Pinellas Park, Florida.

  1. Mainlands Golf Course. Source: Mainlands Golf Club / Facebook Mainlands Golf Course.
  2. Wagon Wheel Flea Market.
  3. Tampa Bay Automobile Museum.
  4. John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk.
  5. Pinellas Trail.
  6. Fort De Soto Park.
  7. The Dali Museum.
  8. Sunken Gardens.
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