Who owns Aran Islands?

The O’Brien’s ruled over all three Aran Islands. In 1588 the Aran Islands were sold by the English Crown to the Lynch family, one of the Galway Tribes.

Are Aran Islands open to visitors?

No tourist travel has been allowed to the Aran Islands since the end of March, when Island Ferries said they would only be taking essential and emergency services to the islands from the mainland.

Can you travel between the Aran Islands?

Ferries and Flights to Inis Mor Island, The Aran Islands from Galway. Ferries to The Aran Islands and to Aran Camping and Glamping on Inis Mor can be reached by both ferry and air all through the year.

Are there cars on the Aran Islands?

Can you take a car to the island? No, it is a passenger ferry only – there are no cars on the island.

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Can you stay on the Aran Islands?

Every type of accommodation is available depending on your budget. From campsites to hostels, Guest Houses,bed and breakfasts to Hotels. All are customer focused to ensure that you enjoy your stay on the Aran Islands or on the mainland in the Galway or Doolin areas.

How long is the boat ride to the Aran Islands?

The new route is sure to get Galwegians and visitors to the city excited for a summer of getaways to the iconic Inis Mór. Setting off from The Docks in Galway’s city centre, passengers can enjoy an audio guide during their 90-minute trip to Inis Mór.

What is special about the Aran Islands?

The Aran Islands are located just off Galway and Doolin. A true Irish experience awaits, locals speak Irish as well as English in a setting of Celtic churches of historical significance including World Heritage site Dun Aonghasa which is set on dramatic 300 ft cliff edge.

How much is the ferry to the Aran Islands?

Please book your trip 24 hours in advance. FERRY.

Return Ferry Fare Single Ferry Fare
Adult €30 €17
Student €25 €14
Senior €25 €14
Child €15 €10

What are the Aran Islands famous for?

Flora and fauna. The islands supports arctic, Mediterranean and alpine plants side-by-side, due to the unusual environment. Like the Burren, the Aran islands are renowned for their remarkable assemblage of plants and animals.

How long is ferry from Doolin to Aran Islands?

The 17:15 sailing time from Doolin to Inis Oirr is for overnight stays and one way trips.

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Is Aer Arann still operating?

Stobart Air had operating bases in Cork, Dublin and Belfast for Aer Lingus Regional. It ceased operations on 12 June 2021. Aer Arann.

Founded 1970 (Galway)
Successor Stobart Air

How do you get around the Aran Islands?

How to get around Inis Mór

  1. From The Airport. There is a private mini-bus from the airport which can bring you to your destination on Inis Mór.
  2. Pony & Trap.
  3. Bicycle Hire.
  4. Walking.
  5. Mini Bus Tours.
  6. Celtic Experience.
  7. Explore Inis Mór.

Is there WIFI on the Aran Islands?

So the next time when you visit Inishmore and stay in one of their hostels or B&Bs, the wifi you use is very likely provided by Rural Wifi.

What is the population of the Aran Islands?

The 30sq km island is home to about 760 people, most clustered around the main settlement of Kilronan, with the vast majority of terrain given over to small parcels of grazing and farmland, delineated by Aran’s most dominant feature, its drystone walls.

Are the Aran Islands in Clare or Galway?

The Aran Islands are situated across the mouth of Galway Bay on the west coast of Ireland – about 30 miles from Galway City, and six miles from the nearest point in either Co. Clare or Connemara. There are three islands plus a handful of small, uninhabited islands to the west.

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