How can I get Barcelona tickets?

You can easily buy FC Barcelona tickets on our website by going to the match page you want to see at Camp Nou stadium. Just look at the information, select the category and number of seats you want, then follow the secure online purchase procedure.

What is a Barcelona Card?

The Barcelona Card is a 3-in-1 transport card, museum pass and discount card. Holders of the Barcelona Card enjoy unlimited free travel by public transport, free entry to Barcelona ´s best museums, 70+ deals and discounts on visits, tours, entertainment, shopping, dining and nightlife.

How much is Barcelona Tourist Travel Pass?

If you buy a „Hola BCN“ travel card with a validity of 5 days you pay in effect EUR 7,60 per day for it. For this little money the card offers you unlimited travel on the public transport in Barcelona.

How much is Barcelona City Pass?

Prices of the Barcelona City Pass: Adults€ 84.00from€ 80. ChildrenAges: 4-10from€ 37. Sagrada Familiaskip-the-line entrance. Park Guellskip-the-line entrance.

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Is it easy to get Barcelona tickets?

So, even if you haven’t bought a ticket before your trip to Barcelona, there’s no harm in checking the fixtures during your stay to see if you can make it to a match. Barcelona FC has made it easy to buy tickets for both the matches and the tours of the stadium.

How much are Barcelona play tickets?


1a Graderia 104 €
2a Grad. Inferior 99 €
2a Grad. Superior 94 €
3a Grad. Inferior 89 €
3a Grad. Superior (General) 79 €

Is the Barcelona Card worth it?

Whether buying the Barcelona Card is worth it depends mainly on your travel plans and need for convenience. As a rule of thumb: the Barcelona Card is a good deal if you plan on traveling by public transport and visiting various museums and attractions per day.

How much is the entrance fee to Sagrada Familia?

Tickets & Prices

Choose your ticket: Skip the line Price
Sagrada Familia Tickets yes €20.00
Sagrada Familia Tickets + Audioguide yes €26.00
Sagrada Familia Tickets + Audioguide + Towers yes €33.00
Sagrada Familia Guided Tour yes €44.50

What is a pink card Barcelona?

The targeta rosa metropolitana, or metropolitan pink card, is a personal and non-transferable document that allows you to travel on the metro network, TMB regular bus lines, FGC urban lines, the Tram and other AMB bus lines in the city (except the Aerobús).

What is included in Barcelona Card?

Barcelona Card Review- What is Included: Unlimited Public Transport and Discount Entry for Attractions in Barcelona City Centre.

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How do you pay for buses in Barcelona?

Buy your ticket or travel card before getting on the bus Single bus tickets are fully digital. You can purchase them at TMB App and validate them with the bus qr code. On some TMB bus lines, you can also purchase and validate the single bus ticket by contactless bank card. and TMB App.

How is public transport in Barcelona?

Although Barcelona has a wide range of transport, it is still easy, fast and convenient to find your way around and travel in Barcelona. The subways, buses, trains of the FGC (Catalan commuter trains) and trams in Barcelona are one transport network. All you need is a ticket for almost all means of transport.

Can you walk everywhere in Barcelona?

Barcelona is not a big place, and one of its great strengths is that you can walk everywhere, particularly in the Old City. Self-guided tours – with a guidebook or app – make perfect sense, and break down the ‘them and us’ divide that makes Barcelonins feel they are living in a theme park.

Which Barcelona pass is best?

For most visitors, I recommend the Barcelona Pass which includes fast track entry to La Sagrada Família and Park Güell plus airport transfer and 20% discount at most of Barcelona’s top sights.

What is the best way to get around in Barcelona?

Getting around the city

  1. Metro, FGC and Tram. Public transport such as the metro, tram and FGC are the quickest, simplest and most convenient way of getting around Barcelona.
  2. Bus.
  3. Getting around by bike.
  4. Getting around by taxi.
  5. Park your car.
  6. ZBE Rondes de Barcelona.
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