How many people visited Brazil during the World Cup?

One million foreign tourists visited Brazil during the World Cup, according to officials at Embratur, the Brazil Tourist Board. More than 60 percent were visiting for the first time and U.S. and Canadian residents bought more than 200,000 match tickets, trailing only Brazilian purchases, said FIFA.

How much money did the 2014 World Cup make?

FIFA hauled in $4.8 billion in revenue from the 2014 World Cup, turning a $2.6 billion profit for the association.

How many countries played at the World Cup 2014 tournament?

2014 FIFA World Cup

Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014
Host country Brazil
Dates 12 June – 13 July
Teams 32 (from 5 confederations)
Venue(s) 12 (in 12 host cities)


What countries were in the 2014 World Cup?


  • Algeria.
  • Argentina.
  • Australia.
  • Belgium.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Brazil.
  • Cameroon.
  • Chile.
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Which country visits Brazil the most?

Arrivals by country of origin

Top 20 visitor arrivals to Brazil by country of origin in 2012 – 2016
Ranking 2016 Country of origin Visitor arrivals 2012
1 Argentina 1,671,604
2 United States 586,463
3 Paraguay 246,401


Was the 2014 World Cup a success?

Beyond being an unforgettable tournament for football fans across the globe, the 2014 FIFA World Cup ™ generated strong financial results that benefited the entire football community.

How much money did Brazil make in the 2014 World Cup?

FIFA made an insane amount of money off of Brazil’s $15 billion World Cup.

Who funds the World Cup?

There are currently four World Cup sponsorship levels: FIFA Partners, FIFA World Cup Sponsors, Regional Supporters, and National Supporters. FIFA Partners help develop the FIFA brand and engage in corporate social responsibility. FIFA World Cup Sponsors are given the rights to promote their brand and the World Cup.

Where did Spain finish World Cup 2014?


Draw position Team Previous best performance
B1 (seed) Spain Winners (2010)
B2 Netherlands Runners-up (1974, 1978, 2010)
B3 Chile Third place (1962)

Which nation is the FIFA 2014 World Cup holder?

2014 Brazil World Cup The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil gave the world of football many memorable moments that are etched in the minds of the fans.

How far did England get in the 2014 World Cup?

England were sent tumbling out of the World Cup at the group stage for the first time since 1958 after Costa Rica beat Italy 1-0 in their Group D match in Recife on Friday.

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What happened in the 2014 World Cup?

Joachim Löw and his team have won the 2014 World Cup after beating Argentina 1-0 in extra time thanks to an exceptional goal from Mario Götze. Domestic football in Germany has been on the up in the last few years, and after tonight they’ve stamped their claim on the international stage too.

Who is captain of Argentina in 2014 World Cup?

Lionel Messi Brief Bio: Argentina’s captain and the driving force behind the team, Messi has broken every record going in Barcelona. His home fans are expectant as the Albiceleste try to break a World Cup drought of 28 years.

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