Why is National Tourism Day celebrated?

National Tourism Day is observed on January 25 every year to promote tourism. National Tourism Day is celebrated on January 25 every year across the country. This day is observed by the government to encourage tourism and explain the essential role of tourism in the growth of the country.

What is the theme of World Tourism Day in 2021?

The 2021 UNWTO theme for World Tourism Day Celebrations is: “ Tourism for inclusive growth” and the international official celebration will be held in Cote d’Ivoire in Africa.

Which day is celebrated as World Tourism Day every year?

World Tourism Day (WTD) has been commemorated on 27 September each year since 1980. The date marks the anniversary of the adoption of the UNWTO Statutes in 1970.

What is the Colour of World Tourism Day?

The colour of World Tourism Day is Blue.

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Who is father of Tourism?

Thomas Cook, (born November 22, 1808, Melbourne, Derbyshire, England—died July 18, 1892, Leicester, Leicestershire), English innovator of the conducted tour and founder of Thomas Cook and Son, a worldwide travel agency. Cook can be said to have invented modern tourism.

What is the rank of India in tourism?

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019 ranked India 34th out of 140 countries overall.

Why is National Tourism Day celebrated on 25th January?

The Indian government established January 25 as the National Tourism Day to raise awareness about the importance of tourism for the country’s economy. The day is observed to cultivate awareness among the global community on the importance of tourism and its social, political, financial and cultural worth.

What is the theme of National Tourism Day 2020?

The 2020 edition of World Tourism Day, with the theme of “ Tourism and Rural Development”, will celebrate the unique role that tourism plays in providing opportunities outside of big cities and preserving cultural and natural heritage all around the world.

Who started World Tourism Day?

‘ World Tourism Day ‘ is undoubtedly a great initiative undertaken by ‘United Nations World Trade Organisation’ to raise awareness of the role of tourism within the international committee and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide.

Who was the first tourist in the world?

In the 15th century, Cyriacus of Ancona journeyed in search of the Mediterranean’s Classical past. In so doing, he laid the groundwork for the 18th-century Grand Tour and today’s cultural holidays, as Marina Belozerskaya explains.

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Why is 27 September World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day is observed globally on 27th September every year. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide.

What is the motto of World Tourism Day?

” Tourism and Rural Development” is the motto of 2020 World Tourism Day to encourage countries around the world to look to tourism to drive recovery in rural communities where the sector is a leading employer and economic pillar.

Which country will host World Tourism Day 2020?

Upon recommendation of the Regional Commission for the Americas, the Executive Council is requested to propose Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay) as the host for the official celebration of World Tourism Day 2020 to the 23rd session of the General Assembly.

What is the theme of World Tourism Day 2016?

For this year’s World Tourism Day theme “ Tourism for All – Promoting Universal Accessibility”, it is a conscious reminder to us all around the world to push for integration in order to improve each other’s potential in tourism and to promote a mutual understanding of different cultures and traditions.

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