How do I get tourists in SimCity 2013?

Tourists will spawn from the Bus Station and use Taxi’s for Transportation. Bus Stops only cause traffic in your city, and lower your approval rating because bus are always late to their stops. Place your Train Station next to your Casino and adjacent to your expo center.

How do I get more tourists in SimCity?

How to attract more tourists to your city

  1. Culture buildings and stadiums will naturally attract visitors to your city, but the quantity of such buildings you can construct is limited.
  2. Scheduling events can be a great way to attract more visitors to your city, in addition to turning a handsome profit.

Why is SimCity 2013 Bad?

The biggest problems were the need to be online all the time and the small city sizes. The latter severely limited the possibilities the game offers. The final nail in the coffin of Simcity 2013 was the release of Cities Skylines.

How do you get hotels in SimCity 2013?

When you make commercial zones and near them you put attractions e.g. casinos, they will turn into hotels. Easy!

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How do I get casinos in Simcity?

Be sure to have plenty of room for commercial zones, as you’ll need at least 21 commercial buildings (of any density) to unlock the right to place your first gambling house. When you can, try to create a special gambling area that will hold the majority of your casinos, then plop it.

How do you get high wealth tourists?

You can try build an expo center, as well as some other tourism attractions (leaning tower, etc), or opera houses. They bring some high wealth tourism from time to time. My city now have around 100 high wealth tourists on average, and I have an expo center and two tourism buildings.

What can you do in Simcity?


  • Lay roads.
  • Zone residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
  • Build a power station.
  • Build a water tower.
  • Build a sewage treatment plant.
  • Build a town hall.
  • Build garbage dumps, firehouses, hospitals, and police stations.
  • Build remaining services.

How do I get more high wealth tourists in cities skylines?

The better tourists can get around, the more money they tend to spend in your city. The key is to earn and build unique buildings to draw in tourists, and then provide them with good transportation options inside the city to keep them there.

Is SimCity 2013 dead?

Maxis and EA announced plans to reboot SimCity. Everyone who worked at Colossal Order understood what this news meant. Their game was dead.

What was wrong with SimCity?

One of the major criticisms of SimCity was its limitation on city size, which was much smaller than in previous SimCity titles. Quigley told Game Informer that before launch, Maxis had big ideas for those land plots. In March 2014, just over a year after SimCity’s release, EA added an offline mode to the game.

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Did they ever fix SimCity?

The short answer is that if you’re looking for more than 10 hours of gameplay then it’s definitely still broken. The game is fun but far from perfect, they have not fixed the traffic problem but you can somewhat work around it

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